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Porsha Williams Shares Remarkable Look-A-Like Throwback Pic Of Herself & Baby PJ on Instagram


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Porsha Williams shared an adorable throwback snap of herself as an infant and her daughter, PJ, looks just like her famous mom!

Porsha Williams‘, 38, daughter, PJ, 9 mos., looks just like her mom, after the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star showed off an adorable throwback pic of herself on Dec. 10. The reality star looked absolutely adorable in the vintage pic, featuring Porsha around the same age as her infant daughter. Once her partner, Dennis McKinley, got a hold of the snap, he couldn’t help but see the resemblance between Porsha and their daughter! “Ok @porsha4real ❤️🙏🏾,” he began the caption to his post, which Porsha then shared on her Instagram story. “PJ looks like her momma, I’ll give my wife some credit today 😍😍😍.”

And fans couldn’t have agreed more! A slew of comments flooded Dennis’ side-by-side snap of the two, with one fan saying, “I’ve been saying that @pilarjhena looks like @porsha4real! 😂.” Another fan chimed in to share, “Omg I thought she looked like u but they identical 😍😍.” However, there were a few followers who stood firmly to their belief that Dennis and PJ look more alike. “PJ looks like you no matter what day it is, she is your twin,” another fan commented on the pics. “Her facial expressions are priceless and she is a doll❤️”

While fans will have to wait and see who PJ, Pilar Jhena McKinley, looks more like as she gets older, they may not have to wait long for yet another addition to join the Williams-McKinley household! Porsha revealed in a Dec. 5 interview with Dish Nation that she and Dennis might just be planning for a second baby. “We are talking about it and if it does not happen by PJ’s birthday or by June — my birthday next year — then it won’t be happening,” she told the outlet.  “If it happens, it happens. I don’t really have to try. Just lay there.”

Of course, while Porsha and Dennis are making plans for their family and upcoming wedding, after getting engaged again following a short lived split when Dennis was accused of infidelity, they can’t help but gush over PJ. Porsha routinely posts about her sweet little girl on Instagram and her followers love it! Whether she’s showing off a glam moment with her little girl or a not so fabulous side of being a mom, fans just adore seeing this mother-daughter and look-a-like duo together!


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