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Police officer suing Wickes after shelving unit fell on her during storm


A policewoman is suing a DIY firm after she was hurt in one of its stores.

Samantha Jones, 37, claims her role as a front-line cop has been put into doubt after being hit in the head by a wooden shelving unit that was blown down at a Wickes during storms in April.

She has been off work since the accident, suffering from neck, shoulder, knee, hip and back injuries as well as severe migraines that leave her bed-bound for up to three times a week.

Miss Jones, who lives in Coventry with her partner Michael and two children Emily, 15, and Joshua, 13, was hit by the wood during a shopping trip.

She was told by the ambulance crew who treated her she could have been killed.

Miss Jones, who has been an officer for 18 years and currently works for West Midlands Police, was unconscious for two minutes and it took two paramedics to lift the wood off her.

She said: ‘The last thing I remember was my partner picking up some plant pots which had been blown over.

‘Then the wood, a heavy, thick piece about 3ft by 4ft, hit me in the side of the head and knocked me out.’

Miss Jones was in and out of the hospital for four days, suffering from migraines, nausea and nosebleeds.

In the last six months, the injuries have had a massive effect on her and her family.

She added: ‘My youngest, seeing me that ill, he thought I was going to die.

‘It’s also caused me to miss the summer with my kids and two holidays.

‘I’m a really active person and I’ve also had to sell my horse as I can’t risk having a fall – which has been heartbreaking.’

Miss Jones is currently on beta-blockers that help to reduce her migraines.

But she struggles to get out of bed as the headaches make her sick and it takes her 24 hours to recover.

Miss Jones was hoping to make it back to the beat after moving to an office job but this is now in doubt.

She said: ‘I’m really, really stubborn and I hope it won’t affect my career as a front-line police officer.’

She will not be allowed to go back to work until she finds out if she needs a knee operation on November 10 and the migraines clear up.

Miss Jones said: ‘One of the worst bits is the guilt I feel over people having to help me, even though it’s not my fault.’

Solicitor Adam Wilson, of Midlands law firm FBC Manby Bowdler who are taking Wickes to court on Miss Jones’ behalf, added: “We say that the accident was entirely preventable and that Wickes has failed in its duty of care by allowing Samantha and Michael to enter an area which was clearly not safe.

‘There was debris flying around the outside area and it should have been obvious to the store management that customers were being endangered by being allowed to go outside.”

Samantha, who is also being supported by the Police Federation, is seeking compensation for her injuries and also for loss of income.

Metro.co.uk has contacted Wickes for a comment.


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