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PHOTOS – Letizia of Spain very complicit with Queen Sofia and her daughters despite the rumors!


Good sangria, sun and swimming. We imagine that the summer program of King Felipe of Spain is undoubtedly composed of this but also of a little more, he who must honor his functions as sovereign. He put down his suitcases with his wife Letizia and their daughters, in Palma de Mallorca. And the little family seems more relaxed than ever.

On August 5, the day after an official dinner at the Marivent Palace – the summer residence of the Spanish royal family in Mallorca – it was a cool-looking Felipe who could be seen in the evening, white pants and a colorful shirt, in good company as he went to the restaurant for dinner. The 54-year-old king walked arm-in-arm with his mother, former Queen Sofia; she is separated from her husband, the ex-king Juan Carlos, entangled in dubious affairs and who had an adulterous affair with a much younger woman. And we could also see his wife, Queen Letizia and their two daughters: the already two great princesses Leonor (16 years old) and Sofia (15 years old). An outing to which Princess Irene (maternal aunt of the king) had also joined to go to dinner at Ola de Mar.

This good family understanding could again be seen on Sunday August 7, during a new outing in the streets of Palma. Queen Letizia, 49, caused a stir in a summery pink and white patterned short dress from Zara, showing off her long, slender, tanned legs. An outfit for less than 40 euros! We can hardly blame the sovereign – always impeccable in terms of looks – for squandering taxpayers’ money, she who multiplies affordable outfits for the wallet. But, above all, she has debunked an ugly rumor that would have her at odds with her stepmother… In the past, they have publicly shown their disagreements, especially on the education of young princesses.

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Indeed, the two queens overflowed with complicity during this outing in the streets of Palma. Holding each other by the arm, laughing out loud and discussing their finds on the stands of a night market, the two women seemed to have definitively put aside their different pasts!

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