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Phil Spencer has already tried the new Kojima Productions game and loves it


The Tokyo Game Show 2022 has showcased Xbox’s forays into Japanese gaming, and now it looks like Phil Spencer has already tried the new Kojima Productions game. In fact, he has not only tested it, but has stated that although it is in the early stages of development, he is very interested in how it will develop in the future, but from his perspective this game shows promise. What coming from Spencer is an interesting promise.

Now the question that we Xbox gamers must ask ourselves is if this new game from Kojima Productions is the title that is being developed for Xbox. Phil Spencer was not clear enough on this. we already knew that Phil Spencer and Hideo Kojima had met at the Tokyo Game Show.

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New game from Kojima Productions

New game from Kojima Productions

Xbox president Phil Spencer is currently in Japan and has met with many foreign developers who are creating new games for Xbox, including Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. Already at E3 2022, Hideo Kojima confirmed that he was creating an innovative new experience for Xbox. Months before Kojima’s confirmation, reports said the developer was creating a new cloud game for Microsoft’s growing online infrastructure.

Is this the first image of Kojima’s new game?

It seems that Kojima has shown the new Kojima Productions game to Phil Spencer. Even if it’s not the game he’s developing exclusively for Xbox, at least we know that It is very possible that this game will reach Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

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