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Pac-Man could have a live action movie soon


Pac-Man is one of the IPs with longest journey within the video game industry. The Namco arcade reached the halls in 1980 and since then it has remained in force until today. Pac-Man has had different versions over the years and even games that have explored other mechanics such as open world or platform games. a movie in live action It seems to be the next step that the franchise is going to face.

The producer of the successful Sonic movies is in charge of a live action Pac-Man. Bandai Namco seems to be interested in a project that can bring the legendary franchise closer to a large number of young audiences outside of it. If you need to bring your gaming IP to the big screen, partnering with the producer of the Sonic movies is one of the best possible options.

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Pac-Man could have a live action from the producer of Sonic

Pac-Man could have a live action movie soon 2

Lately, the IP of Pac-Man has been receiving different compilations or improved versions of old releases. Despite being a classic game, its aesthetics can be interesting for new generations and it can generate an impact that makes this franchise fashionable again. Bandai Namco’s bet seems clear and in the coming months we will receive more information on what this will look like. live action

We’ll see if the world of Pac-Man gets a good adaptation on the big screen. The ghost eater is one of the imost legendary cones of the video game industry and they can’t afford a bad movie adaptation.

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