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Now available the new SPY x FAMILY trailer


On August 23, we already warned you that SPY x FAMIY would receive news about its second season very soon. Now, and with 25 full episodes on Crunchyroll in its first season, they have decided to give us a preview of what awaits us in the new season that will be released very soon.

Specifically, this second season of SPY x FAMILY will premiere the next day October 1st on the Crunchyroll platform, which is in charge of distributing this anime series in the West.

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Now available the new SPY x FAMILY trailer

Just 15 days before the premiere of the second season of SPY x FAMILY, we will have to settle for this small preview that shows us the theme of its opening which they have called “Souvenir”, which is performed by Bump of Chicken. In addition, we also have the entire first season to watch on Crunchyroll if we have an active subscription to the Crunchyroll streaming service.

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