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New Halo Infinite update adds some of the most requested features from the community


343 Industries has shared with players some information about the Halo Infinite new update, which is scheduled for release on August 9. This is a “Drop Pod” update, meaning it contains small features and fixes rather than new game modes and the like, but 343 goes on to say that with this update it addresses several of the most requested features from the community including improvements. in the game’s armor system.

The new Halo Infinite update will also improve the challenge system by making it more visible to players looking to check off those tasks. 343 is going to free up visors to work with different armor cores instead of the ones that are currently restricted. On the other hand, we have known that Halo Infinite’s open world was cut “significantly” before its release.

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New Halo Infinite Update

Players will remember that the developer said not long ago that he planned to make the different armor pieces were compatible with multiple armor cores instead of having the cosmetics restricted to certain cores, but the process was said to be gradual. In this new Halo Infinite update, all visors that are currently in the game, and all future visors to come, will work on all helmets on all armor cores.

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In addition to this change, which serves as an announcement for similar later ones, 343 is also making challenges can be viewed directly from the start menu so players can easily check their current tasks to see what needs to be completed. This same update will also lay the groundwork for more ranked playlists in the future, with one or two new playlists coming as soon as this next update.

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