New Business Magazine Catches Up with CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet

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New Delhi (Moose Gazette bureau)New Business Magazine has been following the growth of globally leading provider of online credit card processing and multi-currency merchant services provider, Allied Wallet, for many years and caught up with CEO Andy Khawaja to discuss digital payments.

Allied Wallet’s CEO spoke with Nick Martindale of New Business to discuss various elements of digital payments, past and present, in an article called “Payments Revolution.”

Mr. Andy Khawaja attributes a large portion of his success in the past year to mobile payments, improvements in security, and his desire to understand what online business owners need. He was even awarded as ‘CEO of the Year’ for his achievements.

“…I like to be in the field. I need to understand the needs of my people and that’s why I’m constantly traveling…” said Andy Khawaja, “…I need to understand what people want, and what it is they need to improve their business. How can I make them more money? How can I eliminate problems for them?”

In “Payments Revolution,” Andy Khawaja seems to answer the tough questions that scare many other companies away like how to deal with hackers and potential breach points, how to build your solution to safely accept international transactions, and how they are going to take over new markets.

With all that he reveals, Andy Khawaja’s biggest giveaway could be his final answer. Martindale asks, “What keeps driving you on?” to which he replies, “It’s not about working hard and working for the money. It’s about working for your consumers, because in the end consumers will keep you in business or put you out of business.”

Martindale and New Business were quickly able to find out that what drives Andy Khawaja on, also drives Allied Wallet’s success.

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