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Netflix shares the first trailer for its Resident Evil series


One of the most popular and beloved franchises in video game history continues to receive adaptations outside of its original medium. It is the case of the series of resident Evilsimply called that, which has been produced by Netflix and already has a release date: the July 14. Not only that, but Netflix has shared the first trailer of his episodic fiction inspired by the world created by Capcom, although it will be an original story that does not adapt any of the games in the horror and zombie franchise. Below you can see this first preview, which lasts just over a minute and which helps us to get an idea of ​​​​what the chosen tone is.

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“Nothing memorable ever happens in the peaceful New Raccoon City. The legendary Resident Evil franchise brings its battle for survival to Netflix on July 14 ”, reads the description of the trailer that you can see just above these lines. What we find in this promotional footage is a lot of action, including explosions, fires, viscera and blood, with a cast of young actresses and actors commanding a story that will be far from those told to date in video games. The tone? Plus light and entertaining than the original for which the saga became popular in the 90s.

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The story of Netflix’s Resident Evil will take us thirty years forward in time, where past events already seem almost forgotten in New Raccoon City. In this context, the protagonists will be the sisters Jade and Billie Wesker, daughters of the legendary Albert Wesker and that they begin to realize that their father hides more secrets than he has ever told them. Remember that the Resident Evil series will have eight episodes that will be available on July 14 on Netflix.

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