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NBA: Weekly tests for the unvaccinated


This Tuesday, the NBA released an updated version of its health protocol. Unvaccinated players will in particular have to be tested once a week.

The 2022-2023 NBA season is getting ready. This Tuesday, the prestigious North American Basketball League released an updated version of its Covid-19 health protocol. A press release sent to the 30 franchises. What this shows in particular is that unvaccinated players will have to continue to be tested, and this every week: “NBA players and unvaccinated employees will be required to undergo weekly Covid-19 testing this season. » Unlike vaccinated people, players or other staff members, now exempt from tests against Covid-19. No test will then be required for any of these people, unless “the team doctor, a league doctor or a government authority requests it”, as the NBA explains in this same press release. No unvaccinated person will be able to travel to Toronto in Canada.

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The new season starts on October 18

With regard to the vaccinated, that is to say a very large majority of the NBA, they are invited to carry out a vaccination booster dose, in order to prolong their protection against Covid-19. On the other hand, wearing a mask will no longer be compulsory for everyone. These measures could very well change and evolve, depending on the evolution of the epidemic situation in the United States in the coming months. In mid-July, during an organized meeting, Adam Silver, who is none other than the commissioner of the NBA, confided then, in remarks reported by the French sports daily The Team “I have learned over the past two and a half years not to make predictions when it comes to Covid, just to say that we will be prepared for whatever comes our way. This new NBA season will begin on October 18.

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