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NATO formally invites Sweden and Finland to join the Alliance


The allies advocate the security of the two future partners, “also during the accession process”

MADRID, 29 (Moose Gazette)

The heads of state and government of NATO formally agreed on Monday to invite Finland and Sweden to become members of the Atlantic Alliance, one day after Turkey lifted the veto after the trilateral memorandum signed within the framework of the Madrid summit .

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has affirmed that the invitation is a “historical” milestone, after the “good agreement” between three parties that comes after weeks of “hard work”, in which the Alliance has acted as mediator with Ankara.

On Tuesday, NATO allies will sign in Brussels the accession protocol of Sweden and Finland, the next step in a process that has no fixed dates. Afterwards, it is up to each Member State to ratify the accession individually.

Stoltenberg has admitted that this “will take time”, but wanted to highlight at a press conference that the process is already being the fastest in history. Likewise, he has stressed that there is a “strong will” to complete the process “as soon as possible.”

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The conclusions of the meeting specifically include the need to address “legitimate security concerns” during this interim period, in which Sweden and Finland will continue to be formally protected by the security umbrella of their future allies.

“The accession of Finland and Sweden will make them safer, that NATO will be stronger”, the leaders have expressed in their note, where the security of the two Nordic countries is cataloged as “of direct importance” for the Alliance, ” also during the accession process”.

Stoltenberg has pointed out in his appearance before the media that Russia must respect the “sovereign decision” of each State to join international alliances, to “choose its path.”


The Strategic Concept agreed on Tuesday by the leaders and which marks the Alliance’s roadmap for the coming years classifies the bloc’s enlargement process as a “historic success”, to the extent that it has contributed to guaranteeing the security of millions of people in the Euro-Atlantic area.

The allied countries reaffirm their “open door policy”, for which they invite to join “all European democracies that share the values ​​of the Alliance, that want and can assume the responsibilities and obligations of joining and whose membership contributes to the security common”.

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“Decisions on integration are made by NATO allies,” reads the text, which makes it clear that no other country has a voice and a vote. The Concept does not expressly refer to Russia on this point, despite the fact that Moscow has repeatedly opposed the expansion of the Alliance in Eastern Europe.

The Alliance’s willingness to cooperate involves collaborating with Bosnia, Georgia and Ukraine, while the Western Balkans and the Black Sea region are established as areas of “strategic importance” for NATO.

“We will continue to support the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of the countries concerned in these regions. We will increase efforts to increase their capacities to deal with the threats and challenges they face and increase their resilience against the interference and coercion of an evil third country. “says the agreement.

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