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My Dress-Up Darling will have a new movie or a second season


At a special My Dress-Up Darling event that took place in Tokyo, Japan, some news about the adaptation of the My Dress-Up Darling manga to an anime series format was shown. Among these novelties are those of a sequel to it.

In this context, the sequel could be either a second season (as usual), or a new movie for the franchise, although this information has not been confirmed.

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There will be a sequel to My Dress-Up Darling

It has been in the mentioned event where the information has been revealed that in the near future there will be a sequel to the My Dress-Up Darling anime, which will be in one of the aforementioned feature film or series formats. At the moment, only five of the nine numbers of the manga have been adapted, so the most logical thing would be to make a second season to adapt some more volumes and after that, make a movie or just adapt what remains of the manga up to moment to a second season. We also take the opportunity to remind you that you can watch the first season in its entire Crunchyroll tab without having to subscribe as a premium member.

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