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‘My daughter threatened to kill me’


Andrew Bucklow, news.com.au

Dave “Hughesy” Hughes says being threatened by his daughter on TV was the highlight of his year.

The comedian didn’t hesitate when asked what his favourite career moment from 2019 was during a chat with news.com.au to promote the Hughesy, We Have A Problem Christmas Special that will air on Monday, December 23 on Channel 10.

“My six-year-old daughter came on the show and she pointed a Star Wars gun at me and said, ‘Dad, do you want see Jesus?’” Hughesy recalled. “My own daughter threatened to kill me on the show. That was a highlight.”

Hughesy’s wife and kids appeared on HWAP earlier this year.
media_cameraHughesy’s wife and kids appeared on HWAP earlier this year.

Some of Australia’s most well-known entertainers have appeared on Hughesy’s Channel 10 show this year, including Amanda Keller, Denise Scott, Anne Edmonds and Ross Noble.

But Hughesy told news.com.au one celebrity who was scheduled to appear on the show this year pulled out at the last minute.

“Fiona O’Loughlin double booked!” he said. “She had a gig in Echuca (a town in northern Victoria). I was like, ‘You can’t pick Echuca over Hughesy, We Have A Problem’, but apparently you can.”

Despite the last-minute cancellation, Hughesy assured news.com.au that O’Loughlin wasn’t on his naughty list.

“She’s not black-listed, I don’t black-list anyone,” he told news.com.au. “But I’m like, ‘You’ve got to check your diary!’

“I reckon I would choose to do my show over a gig in Echuca, but then again, the gig in Echuca probably paid better so I can understand that,” he laughed.

In the Hughesy, We Have A Problem Christmas Special, the comedian will be joined by panellists Kate Langbroek, Charlie Pickering, Nikki Osborne and Ross Noble.

“We address most of the problems that Australians have at Christmas,” Hughesy said about the episode, which he admitted went off the rails slightly towards the end.

“There’s a lot of kissing going on at the end and there’s lipstick all over faces, basically,” he said. “It was disturbing. People ended up looking like the Joker!”

Who was kissing who?
media_cameraWho was kissing who?

The Hughesy, We Have A Problem Christmas Special will air on Channel 10 on Monday, December 23 at 7.30pm

Originally published as ‘My daughter threatened to kill me’


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