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Multiple orgies, embezzlement … A very important man in the world of football causes a scandal


The world of football is used to scandals of all kinds and almost every week a new affair breaks out and France is clearly not spared. Currently, world champion Benjamin Mendy is facing multiple rape charges from multiple women and his high-profile trial is taking place in England. At the same time, the star of the Blues Paul Pogba is at the heart of a dark case of extortion which involves his big brother Mathias and the two men have been at war for several weeks. A few hours ago, it was also the case of Kheira Hamraoui’s attack that was relaunched, but the latest scandal comes to us this time from Spain and concerns one of the most senior football leaders. Spanish, Luis Rubiales.

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According to information from the very serious daily El Mundo, the one who currently holds the position of president of the Spanish football federation (RFEF) is accused of very serious facts. It was his own uncle, Juan Rubiales, who was chief of staff at the RFEF before being fired last July, who spoke to the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office about the alleged actions of Luis Rubiales. According to the Spanish media, the president’s uncle denounced the actions of his nephew, who allegedly used his federation money to organize orgies.

He would also have hired a private detective

At the beginning of 2020, during a party in a private chalet in the province of Granada, Luis Rubiales would have brought in women for payment. “The rental of this house was just for fun of him and his most direct team, paying the expenses with the company cards of the RFEF itself. At this party, a group of eight or ten young girls were invited”, he said. On top of that, Luis Rubiales also allegedly used RFEF’s money to help his father financially. “We have to find something to get the money out of the RFEF”he would have launched to his uncle.

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The accusations don’t stop there and according to the publication, Luis Rubiales would also have appealed to a private detective, paid with the money of his federationto investigate the president of the Spanish footballers’ union.

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