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Michel discussed in detail with Algeria the increase in gas supply to Europe through Spain


BRUSSELS, Sep. 16 (Moose Gazette) –

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, discussed in detail with the Algerian authorities the increase in the supply of gas to Europe through Spain, within the framework of a visit to the North African country in an attempt by the European Union to overcome the crisis between Spain and Algeria.

In an interview with Europa Press and another media group, Michel assured that at the meeting there was no threat from Algeria regarding the supply of gas to Spain. Moreover, in the meeting with the Algerian president, Abdelmayid Tebune, he discussed the option of increasing the supply of gas, which has been reduced in recent months, coinciding with the diplomatic crisis between Madrid and Algiers due to Spanish support for the Moroccan initiative. for Western Sahara.

“To be extremely clear, I addressed the difficulties and there is no threat from Algeria either directly or indirectly about the gas cut. On the contrary, Algeria presents itself as a loyal partner to support the EU in these difficult times,” said the former Belgian Prime Minister, after a tour that has taken him to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), apart from Algeria, in the campaign to diversify the supply of hydrocarbons to Europe.

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“Algeria has already decided to increase the supply to Italy and there is the possibility of increasing the supply of gas to Spain. We discuss the numbers with them,” he deepened, while saying that the option of a second Algerian gas pipeline was on the table to bring gas to Italy and the idea of ​​improving electrical interconnections with Europe.

All these countries demand clarity from Europe and to know if the EU member states are ready to negotiate longer contracts and investments, has indicated the president of the European Council, who has admitted that the climate commitments adopted by the EU reduce its negotiating capacity In this stage.

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“It is not just a question of turning the tap on or off, they want to know if the investments needed to redirect the supply of energy to the EU will arrive, they demand clarity, energy and financial security and predictability,” he explained.


Regarding the negotiations to improve cooperation with the rest of the countries on the tour, Michel discussed with Qatar the option of increasing the supply of gas to Europe by redirecting part of the supply that goes to the Asian market.

“Probably in Asia they do not need the volume that Qatar is ready to sell and they can redirect part of the gas with the agreement of the Asian countries,” said the Belgian politician.

In Saudi Arabia the conversation focused on investments in green hydrogen, while in the UAE it discussed how to increase European participation in renewable energy projects.

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