MEA Markets Calls Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet the $18 Billion Man

CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online payment processing offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world, was featured on the cover of MEA Markets as the $18 Billion Man and interviewed on his new plans for expansion in the Middle East.

MEA Markets wrote a cover feature praising Allied Wallet and Dr. Andy Khawaja for major achievements, calling it ‘America’s fastest growing online credit card processor’ after being founded years ago by Dr. Andy Khawaja himself.

Andy Khawaja has been interviewed and commended globally for his business strategies and his ability to lead. These unique abilities have led him to his $18 Billion fortune.

But Andy Khawaja’s goal was never just the fortune, his goal was to provide a product and service that would improve today’s economy, protect buyers and sellers, and innovate payments.

Dr. Khawaja did not reach a multi billion-dollar net worth and his level of success overnight; his success is a product of perseverance and his dedication to giving something back.

“Motivation is part of my life. I was born motivated. Motivation is all about what you can do for others, not about what you can do for yourself,” says the $18 Billion Man.

This mentality of giving back and creating a service that enables other businesses to flourish by streamlining their payment processing is a key contributor to the success of Allied Wallet and its $18 Billion Man.

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