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Make your Instagram feed harmonious


We’ve all envied the Instagram profile of a content creator for its aesthetics and style. And this is not due to chance, but to a certain rigor. That’s why Influenth gives you its advice to have a harmonious feed.

What is a harmonious feed?

A harmonious feed is the aesthetics of an account instagram who attracts. The feed as a whole must therefore reflect the beauty and consistency of publications, even if they are all different. To have a graphic coherence, it is necessary to choose a visual theme, a particular artistic direction. Instagram’s trend is minimalist feed in neutral tones. However, there is not only one way to harmonize your Instagram account. It goes far beyond the image. It’s about emphasizing the atmosphere that a photo gives off, its intention… The strength of a feed is therefore to convey moods, states of mind, lifestyles through images. As you will have understood, an Instagram feed that is worth seeing and that attracts attention goes through many little things to put into practice and to know, but it also and above all depends on the sensitivity of each one.

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Tips to know

1. Choose the theme of the profile, define the objective of the account: what do you want to highlight? What message do you want to convey through this feed?

2. Adopt quality visuals: the essential point, having quality photos and videos, this is the basis!

3. Respect a graphic charter: harmonize the colors and tones of the visuals. A certain visual unity must be respected.

4. Plan your posts: organize your publications upstream with a good sequence of posts. You can use applications to preview the feed and thus ensure that the rendering is homogeneous and aesthetic before publishing.

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