Madonna sings Big Spender as she reveals she wants to make a MUSICAL based on her hits


He’s never been shy of sharing his outspoken views.

And Piers Morgan certainly made his feelings known after watching Madonna’s latest Twitter post, branding her performance ‘toe-curling and attention-seeking.’

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 54, responded to the pop star’s latest video by suggesting she use her platform to promote healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic, rather than simply share posts of herself.

In her video, Madonna belted out a rendition of Big Spender as she resides in quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak.

The hitmaker asked fans to send suggestions for her next performance on Twitter, which Piers jumped on with gusto.

Re-tweeting the video he penned: ‘You want suggestions? OK. 

‘Can I suggest you do something, anything, to raise awareness/money for #coronavirus health care workers rather than just promote yourself with these incessant toe-curling attention-seeking videos? You’ve got the money & fame – use it.’ 

On Thursday Madonna shared the amusing video belting out Big Spender from the musical Sweet Charity in an Instagram video.

The Queen of Pop paid tribute in particular to Bob Fosse and the choreography he made for the theatrical show, and claimed he inspired her to make her own musical based on her tracks.

Madonna began the video by showing off her flexibility while pulling on stockings and passionately singing the musical classic.

Going up to a chest of drawers, she then picked up an eye patch that had an X embroidered on the front in a rainbow pattern, representing her Madame X persona.

Expressing her newfound desire to make a musical, the Like A Virgin hitmaker wrote in the caption: ‘Bob Fosse is always a good distraction. 

‘Feeling inspired to write my own musical!! Feel free to make suggestions!’ 

On Friday, Madonna shared a silly video of herself singing a social distancing version of her hit song Vogue into a hairbrush.

The Queen of Pop changed some lyrics in her song to be about running out of food and eating what is available. 

‘Come on, go, let’s go eat some fried fish…come on, vogue, I mean go…’cause there’s no more pasta, oh no, we’re gonna eat some fried fish, yeah,’ she sang while twirling around her bathroom.

While the usual lyrics are ‘Come on, vogue Let your body move to the music, come on, vogue, let your body go with the flow.’

In the caption, she wrote, ‘Living in Special Times…………its 3 am—-cut me some slack people,’ referencing the social isolations and her lyrics slip.

The hitmaker had her short blonde hair in a sleek style with the ends curled and secured by clips on the side, as she wore an all black athletic outfit.

It seems the Like a Virgin star is isolating in London with her dancer boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams and daughter Mercy James, according to stories she posted on Instagram.

She shared a note attached to the door of a Boots store saying the shop was out of hand sanitiser, vitamin C and hand wash, that she tagged as ‘#quarantine #london.’

Though the trio seemed to keep busy, with her also posting a video of Mercy James, 14, running on a treadmill and some cosy snaps with Ahlamalik.

Earlier in the week, Madonna sat down at her typewriter to deliver a stirring account of her time in isolation via a black and white Instagram video Tuesday.

The Madame X songstress, who had to cancel the end of her tour due to the outbreak, wrote a message for her fans.

‘Madame X did not die in Paris…’ she began, referencing her two cancelled tour dates scheduled for the City Of Lights last week.

‘Her journey continues on self-quarantined in honor and respect of COVID-19.

‘I am still in pain with no cure in sight, thanks to all the borders being closed,’ she explained, likely talking about her ongoing knee injury.

‘I shall learn from this and grow stronger,’ the Detroit native continued. ‘For now, I will continue to fight.

The United Kingdom has 3,269 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, and 144 deaths, though London officials have remained adamant there will not be a lockdown, despite the tube ceasing operation.

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