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Lithuania avoids responsibilities in charging transport to Kaliningrad and asks Russia to look for alternatives


MADRID, Aug. 9 (Moose Gazette) –

The Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, has ruled out this Tuesday that the country’s authorities are responsible for charging for the transport of Russian supplies to the exclave of Kaliningrad and has urged Russia to seek alternatives that allow it to continue with the transit in the area without violating international sanctions.

“Lithuania is not responsible for helping Russia pay for transport. That is its responsibility. Russia must find ways to pay for it,” the minister said, according to information from the LRT radio station.

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Thus, he pointed out that the Lithuanian banks are investigating whether they are incurring a violation of the sanctions when making this type of payment and explained that on some occasions the Russian side has paid in cash after receiving the refusal of Lithuanian banking entities.

“I don’t know if payment in cash is possible. I’m just saying that sometimes, in a creative way, solutions can be found. I will not be an adviser to the Russian authorities, that is their responsibility,” he asserted.

His words come after Russia’s charge d’affaires in Lithuania, Sergei Riabokon, sent a note of protest to the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry regarding the cessation of payments for transit services.

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