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Leonor and Sofia from Spain: They reveal their huge legs in dresses… at 40€!


As with each of their outings, Princesses Leonor and Sofia put on a show! On a walk with their mother, Queen Letizia and their grandmother, Queen Dowager Sofia, the two young princesses visited a night market in Palma de Mallorca in a relaxed atmosphere. Smiling, their hair down, they chatted with the onlookers and surely bought themselves one or two trinkets… like normal young girls after all!

Moreover, there is no question for them of taking dresses from great designers in their suitcases for these family holidays: like all teenagers of their age, the two young girls had chosen Zara dresses, an essential Spanish brand in the fast-fashion landscape. And that of the eldest, blue and with flowers, was even rather cheap, since it was only worth 40€ ! There is no doubt that since the heiress to the Spanish throne wore it, it will increase in value.

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Her little sister, Sofia, was dressed in a very short white and striped dress, which she wore, like all the women in her family, with wedge sneakers. Low-heeled shoes that highlighted her huge legs: tanned, the teenager grows almost visibly and has legs that would make the tallest models shudder! No doubt she takes after her dad: King Felipe VI is over 1.93m tall!

Their mother, Letizia, had also highlighted her legs: a few days after her very sexy and slit dress, the queen had copied her daughters with another dress, short and also signed Zara. A queen surprisingly close to her mother-in-law: a few years after their confusion in front of the cameras which had the whole world talking, the two sovereigns strolled together, holding each other by the arm and sharing a few laughs.

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So, was this a facade to silence the rumors? Or are the two women really close? Of course, it’s impossible to really know: as in all monarchies, communication is extremely smooth. However, the two women were known to have differences over the education of the two teenagers… now that they are grown up, relations may be more relaxed between them!

In any case, the women of Iberian royalty are united, and their holidays seem to be heavenly!

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