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Kitten dies after owner breaks its pelvis and dumps it in rubbish


A kitten has died after being kicked to the floor and dumped in a dirty alleyway.

Animal rescuers were looking for strays in the small city of Veles, North Macedonia, when they found the tiny tabby surrounded by rubbish on the side of the road.

The kitten was lying motionless on its side, camouflaged against the grey curb.

He was taken to a shelter run by Saving Macedonian Strays (SMS), where vets discovered his pelvis had been shattered from the impact of being kicked by its cruel owner.

Despite his ordeal, Julie Matthews from SMS said the kitten was ‘very cuddly and loving towards his rescuers’.

It was thought he would make a recovery and later be rehomed, but his injuries proved fatal and he was found dead this morning.

Julie said: ‘We have rescued thousands of animals over the past five years and sadly not all of them get their happy ending.’

Julie registered the voluntary charity in the UK to work alongside a group of young Macedonians committed to rescuing stray animals.

Since SMS was founded in 2015, the charity says they have rescued thousands of animals from suffering, abuse and neglect, and prevented millions more from being born into a life of suffering with a neuter programme.

She said: ‘Over the past three years we have developed a basic shelter in the city of Veles, where we are currently caring for over 200 dogs, a few cats and two horses.

‘As an animal rescue charity we obviously would never condone any person who could leave any animal on the street but in the context of Macedonia, now North Macedonia, things are not straightforward and we face an ongoing, exponential problem due to an historic culture of animal abuse and widespread poverty.’


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