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Jon Gosselin Goes Off On Ex Kate For ‘Wrongly Institutionalizing’ Son Collin, 15 



Jon Gosselin’s 10-year gag order has lifted and he’s telling all there is to know about his ongoing parental battle with ex-wife, Kate over their 15-year-old sextuplets and 19-year-old twins. See his full interview with Dr. Oz.

Jon Gosselin is finally speaking out about his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. In a November 18 interview on The Dr. Oz Show — Jon’s first time speaking out since his 10-year gag order put in place by TLC was lifted — he claims his ex’s “believe system is skewed” when it comes to parenting their kids eight kids. Jon, 42, and Kate, 44, share 15-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Collin, Alexis, Aaden, Joel and Leah and 19-year-old twins Cara and Mady.

Dr. Oz’s 13-minute interview with the former reality star focuses a lot on the ex-couple’s son, Collin, who, Jon claimed, Kate sent to a program for children with special needs without his knowledge. He alleged that Collin was “caged” for the two years, where his mother only visited him three times.

Jon went on to blame Kate’s “narcissistic personality disorder” for his children’s developmental issues. “She wants to be right, everything she says, she wants to be right,” he said, explaining, “So if she lies, she wants them to believe her lies” — something he claimed led to Collin “wrongly institutionalized.”

He explained, “She, Kate, institutionalized him without a diagnosis, which created a diagnosis. … Just because he was a difficult child, does not mean he had to be sent away. It took me two years to find him.”

While Jon said he’s concerned for his other children, he’s hopeful they will reunite one day. “Every year I get a new kid, so I am always hopeful,” he said. “Now, our custody agreement is between the children.”

After a preview of Jon’s interview was released last week, Kate issued an exclusive statement to People that read: “I have consistently made it a rule never to respond to Jon’s delusional ramblings, and I will not break that rule now. However, at some point soon, I look forward to making sure the absolute truth about our family is known.”

Jon and Kate split in May 2009 after 10 years of marriage, following rumors of infidelity. She also accused him of abuse. Their divorce was finalized in December of 2009.


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