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Japan fears that the war in Ukraine will generate a “domino effect” on China’s ambitions in the Pacific


The annual document of the Ministry of Defense does not rule out increasing operational capabilities against the threat of North Korea

MADRID, July 22 (Moose Gazette) –

Japan’s Defense Ministry notes with concern that the war in Ukraine could encourage China to “break the ‘status quo’ and consolidate its territorial ambitions in the Pacific, starting with its historic claim to Taiwan, according to the conclusions of its annual strategic report.

“The Russian challenge to the international order is not only a problem for Europe. China continues to try to unilaterally change the situation in the region,” declared the Japanese Defense Minister, Nobuo Kishi, in the introduction to the report, in which he recalls the relations between Beijing and Moscow.

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“If Russian aggression is allowed, the mistaken impression will appear that unilateral alterations of the ‘status quo’ can also occur in other regions without permission,” reads the report, published this Friday.

Stability in Taiwan, according to the document, “is important not only for the security of Japan, but also for the stability of the international community.” Although Japan and Taiwan do not maintain formal diplomatic relations, they do collaborate in a wide number of areas and, as in previous reports, Japan regards the island as an “extremely important ally and dear friend.”

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The report also highlights the possibility that Japan can increase its defensive capabilities against the North Korean threat and even contemplates the acquisition of “counterattack resources” as a more energetic containment measure not only against China, but also against North Korea.

“Japan has been developing a ballistic missile defense system for some time, but we are considering all options as we formulate a new National Security Strategy based on the question of whether we can really protect the lives and livelihoods of our citizens simply by improving our capabilities. of interception”, warns the document.

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