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Is Meghan Markle American or Canadian?


Since Meghan and Harry announced their decision to step down from royal duties, there has been much speculation over how their transition period will play out.

After an urgent summit, the monarch agreed to let the Duke and Duchess of Sussex split their time between Canada and the UK for this period.

Among other questions such as will Meghan return to acting, and how will they earn their money, we’ve found ourselves also wondering: why Canada?

Is Meghan Markle from Canada and why have they chosen to spend time there, as opposed to the States or elsewhere?

Is Meghan Markle American or Canadian?

Meghan is an American citizen by birth and was born in Los Angeles, to parents Thomas Markle and Dora Ragland.

However, she has close ties to Canada, having spent six years living in Toronto while filming legal drama Suits.

She still has many close friends in Canada including her best friend Jessica Mulroney.

Harry and Meghan recently spent six weeks over the festive period based in the Canadian province of British Columbia staying at a property on Vancouver Island.

Why are Meghan and Harry spending their transition period in Canada?

Alongside Meghan’s personal connections to the country, Canada also offers some privacy which they are not afforded in the UK.

It is also part of the Commonwealth, of which the Queen is head of state.

However, despite their royal ties, they would still have to follow the immigration laws of the country which dictate that as American and British citizens they are allowed to spend up to six months a year in the country as a visitor.

If they wish to stay longer, they must apply for a visa.

At this time, it’s still uncertain how they plan to split their time.

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