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Impossible for the Apple Car? About the boss of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess!


According to rumors circulating, the Californian brand Apple is developing the Apple Car, an electric car. On this subject, Herbert Diess gave his opinion during an interview and declared that he did not think that the Apple brand would ever produce an automobile. Moreover, the CEO of Volkswagen believes more in CarPlay!

A Carplay more than an Apple Car

Herbert Diess is a hugely known public figure in the automotive world. It is more precisely the director of Volkswagen, a real international institution. Questioned during the “Hub Berlin” conference, in particular on the Apple Car, Diess was objective in his remarks. Ultimately, he thinks the Apple brand will integrate cars through the CarPlay system. Herbert Diess finds that Apple should only sell technological devices to car manufacturers. For the CEO, the CarPlay could well change the phase of the automotive industry on the software part.


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“I’m not sure Apple will actually bring any cars to market,” Diess said in his speech at the conference. According to him, Apple will limit its role to that of CarPlay, which will become an essential feature in the years to come. Concretely, Herbert Diess does not see the American company succeeding in producing its own vehicle. According to the businessman, this would represent “too big an effort” for Apple, which develops totally different products (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.).


The Volkswagen group sees itself overtaking Tesla by 2025

Also asked about his main competitor, Herbert Diess says he will sell more electric cars than Tesla in the future. Which is not impossible, because Volkswagen has a strong supply chain with several factories and recognized partners around the world.

Nevertheless, the transition to electric for the group could take time. Volkswagen still has to deal with producing and selling thermal vehicles during this transition. And this is seriously slowing down the car brand on the road to electrification.


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