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Hideo Kojima will announce a game for VR in the coming days


In the next few days the Tokyo Game Show 2022 will take place, and everything indicates that Hideo Kojima will announce a game for VR during the event. The creative, one of the most established video game directors in the entire industry, has shared a photo on Twitter where he could be seen wearing Meta Quest 2, the most popular virtual reality glasses of the moment, while he says he is finalizing the final details From this project.

Although no information about the game has yet been given, it is possible that it is an exclusive title for Meta Quest 2 glasses, not only because it is the device you are using in these images, but also because the aggressiveness with which you have invested in exclusive titles for your platform (such as Resident Evil 4 VR) makes you the most possible company when it comes to investing in a Kojima title. That, or that, of course, it is a cross-platform title.

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Hideo Kojima will announce a game for VR in the coming days

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“Putting the last spin on KJP VR that we’re going to show at TGS 2022,” Kojima writes in Twitter. Barely a month ago, the direct shared some images through Twitter where he showed that he had already finished editing a video for a future project, which has not been announced yet. Although we all assumed that it had to be the game he is working on with Xbox, it is possible that it could be this project for VR, which we should have news about this week.

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For the rest, the latest game from Kojima and his studio, Kojima Productions, has been the award-winning Death Stranding, starring big stars like Norman Reedus, Mads Mikklesen and Léa Seydoux, and it also happens that the game recently arrived on the service PC Game Pass, the Windows version of Xbox Game Pass. So if you have a PC you are already taking a long time to take a look at it.

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