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Georgina Rodriguez reveals an adorable photo of Bella Esmeralda, Cristiano Ronaldo to the angels


The arrival of Bella Esmeralda in the life of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo did not come without difficulty. The baby, expected by his parents for months, was supposed to be born accompanied by his twin brother. Unfortunately, there were complications during the delivery and the boy died, as revealed by the parents on social media a few hours later. A real drama for the 37-year-old Portuguese and his family, who were very supportive in the days that followed and, finally, things got back to normal with the arrival of the little girl at home.

Bella Esmeralda was thus able to get to know her 4 brothers and sisters, certainly very happy to see the little girl in the family. Together, they were able to enjoy a superb vacation on the side of the Balearic Islands, where many football stars had decided to go during the truce. In the city of Mallorca, Cristiano and Georgina were able to decompress after an emotional season since the striker’s transfer to Manchester United. If he has since returned to England, the beautiful 28-year-old brunette traveled to Spain to attend the singer Rosalia’s concert with her children and, on Monday August 8, 2022, she decided to give a little pleasure to his fans by posting a nice photo of his youngest.

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Bella Esmeralda sleeps tenderly, her father touched

In her post, Georgina Rodriguez simply wrote: “Bella Esmeralda. My Little Big Blessing”. The model from Argentina is still so gaga for her daughter and it must be said that there is reason. In the photo, we see the little girl, very cute and well embellished under her sheets, sleeping soundly. A shot that necessarily pleased Cristiano Ronaldo, who commented on the publication with a heart emoji. Cora Gauthier, the mother of Ibrahim, the son of Karim Benzema, also wanted to congratulate the young mother.

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