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With hand sanitiser now more important than ever, this luxury, rinse free hand wash is the perfect addition to your handbag.Why we love this productThanks to the outbreak of COVID-19, hand sanitiser is now an item with which we are all a little too familiar. Using it regularly throughout the day is now a key step in avoiding getting sick, which is why investing in a pocket-friendly one is definitely worthwhile.I’ve been carrying around Ecoya’s Rinse Free Hand Wash with me for sometime now, but this new wave of hand washing has taken it from a handy item to an essential one. Now that I have to use it several times a day too, I’ve also come to appreciate just how gentle it is on the hands and how nice it is to have a sanitiser that smells more like a hand cream than a disinfectant.First impressionsWhen Ecoya first released the Rinse Free Hand Wash range back in April of last year, I immediately bought one for myself, my Mum and my Grandma. Having been taught to always carry a hand sanitiser with me wherever I went, I was in love with the fact that the brand had turned a necessary product into something of a luxury skincare item.Rather than the hospital-grade type packaging that hand sanitisers usually come in, the Ecoya version arrives in a sleek silver tube with a brightly coloured label that identifies the scent.The fragrance is definitely the first thing that grabs you about the product, as you’ll notice that the usual smell of alcohol has been replaced with the scents of popular products from Ecoya’s soap and hand wash line.As you would expect from a brand known for its beautifully scented candles, the chosen fragrances are divine. My personal favourite is French Pear (a crisp pear and vanilla fragrance), but you can also choose from Guava & Lychee Sorbet, Coconut & Elderflower, Sweet Pea & Jasmine or Lotus Flower.While the tube is definitely pocket-sized in nature, you don’t actually need a whole lot of product to get the job done. Just a small squeeze is enough to cover both hands, with the liquid taking hardly any time at all to absorb.Rather than the awful dry sensation that other hand sanitisers leave behind, the Rinse Free Hand Wash is quite light in nature and leaves the skin pretty well unscathed. Given this, it’s surprising to note that the formula actually contains 50% alcohol, making it a great companion in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.VerdictThe Ecoya Rinse Free Hand Wash products make frequently sanitising your hands simple. Not only are they the perfect size to carry around with you, but they’re not too harsh on the skin and leave a delicate fragrance behind that’s not unlike that of a hand cream. Add to that the sleek packaging and the product will have you feeling like you’re using a skincare product rather than a hand wash.AffordabilityAt $9.95 for a tiny 40mL, Ecoya’s Rinse Free Hand Washes are, unfortunately, a little bit pricey. However, I’ve been carrying my tube around with me for a couple of months now and I’m still yet to run out, making it pretty good value for money.If you do suffer from dry skin too, they’re worth forking out a few extra dollars for as they are much gentler on the skin than many other hand sanitisers.Where to buyYou can shop the Ecoya Rinse Free Hand Wash range from Ecoya’s online store, as well as from stockists like eBay, Catch, David Jones, Active Skin, Peter’s of Kensington and Flowers For Everyone.Be aware that there is currently an increased demand for hand sanitiser products, so some stores may be sold out. In that case, it’s worth clicking the ‘notify me’ button on the product page or checking back daily to see when a site has restocked.Tune in every Friday for our Finder Beauty Fave. We go hands-on to find the best beauty buys, testing out new products and old favourites to see what’s really worth your money.

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