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Fans stunned as Simon Cowell saves Vinnie Jones in X Factor: Celebrity


Vinnie Jones offered to step down from The X Factor: Celebrity tonight (Saturday November 16) after landing in the bottom two.

But Simon Cowell refused to let him leave and instead sent home Kevin McHale.

Vinnie faced the former Glee star in the sing off.

Vinnie wanted Kevin to stay (Credit: ITV)

But once the two had performed, Vinnie insisted on speaking directly to the judges before they voted.

He said: “I’ve had a fantastic time, I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been everything I needed since my wife passed.

“This guy is a fantastic singer, I think he can win it, for his career, I would like to step down.”

But Simon insisted on having the final say and with both him and Vinnie’s mentor Nicole Scherzinger opting to save Vinnie, Kevin’s time in the competition was over.

Simon saved Vinnie (Credit: ITV)

Simon said the last person he wanted to argue with was Vinnie, but he was willing to take the risk to keep him in the show.

Kevin took the news well, and said everyone had done brilliantly tonight.

Fans at home were shocked at the turn of events – with many insisting Simon was in the wrong not letting Vinnie leave graciously, and slammed him for making the show a joke.

. @SimonCowell or the man who gets paid to read Simon’s tweets… you said you listen to social media and what you did tonight was wrong. Vinnie was an absolute legend standing down, you should’ve let him leave on a high! #XFactorCelebrity

— Emma R (@ammelou) November 16, 2019

Vinnie wanted to give Kevin a chance but Simon wanted to be boss man and do it his way 🙄 hope this is the absolute end of X factor it’s run it’s course now quit while you are ahead #XFactorCelebrity

— Josephine Thomson 💃 (@JoMarThom) November 16, 2019

#XFactorCelebrity is an absolute joke!!!! Can’t believe Simon just done that pic.twitter.com/qW7GwF66WX

— Kayleigh Grant 💋 (@Kayleigh_1995_x) November 16, 2019

Nah nah nah

Simon made the wrong dedication, that was disrespectful to Vinnie. He’s done what he wanted to do, let him go. Not fair on Kevin too.


— James (@jch008) November 16, 2019

#XFactorCelebrity #bad bad decision by Simon Cowell. Even Vinnie Jones himself knew he had to go. Just made a joke of the whole competition. Vinnie Jones in the #music charts – 🤣🤣.

— Amanda Taylor (@lilacpencil) November 16, 2019

Respect to Vinnie for standing down.. poor decision Simon.. no wonder Strictly has more viewers week in week out.. this show is a joke!!! #XFactorCelebrity

— Ranj Kang (@kang_ranj) November 16, 2019

Simon Cowell’s disrespect has me fuming. Thinking of the viewing figures over the request of an artist to leave is just wrong. I am disgusted. Kevin should now be the wild card. #XFactorCelebrity

— KC (@KellanCougar) November 16, 2019

WTF Vinnie Jones wanted to leave so a real singer could stay, @SimonCowell get your act together not everything revolves around you. You should have let him leave #XFactorCelebrity #pileoftosh

— Buster Sara-keanan🇮🇪 (@bustersarak) November 16, 2019

Simon just stole Vinnies moment! Disgraceful he did I what he wanted to do made his wife proud and wanted to step aside for an actually talented artist!!!! Simon you are ridiculous and lack integrity👏🏻👏🏻 #XFactorCelebrity

— Marie Baker (@Sparrow82) November 16, 2019

Earlier in the evening, viewers were left divided over Megan McKenna’s performance.

The former TOWIE star has been the runaway favourite week after week, performing beautiful self-penned songs and wowing both the public and the judges.

But as she took to the stage to sing another ballad she had written herself, fans were left torn.

While many insisted she was their winner, others felt it was a bit repetitive.

Megan looked and sounded stunning (Credit: ITV)

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In fact, Nicole Scherzinger also agreed and said although the performance and vocals were stunning, she was hoping Megan would do something a bit more uptempo.

Simon Cowell told her the performance was “as good as week one”, but that he also wanted to see her more whacky side.

There’s no doubt the girl can sing (Credit: ITV)

In response, Megan said: “I can do uptempo, but I love to sing songs from my heart and put everything into it.”

Elswhere, fans hit out at the new format after the seats were ditched when Simon said the public didn’t like them.

And the star guest performer, Lizzo, took to the stage at the start of the show rather than halfway through.

Lizzo opened the show (Credit: ITV)

They were also furious with the first ad break coming just SIX minutes in, with many hitting out at the format overall.

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