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Fans are angry about cross-play in FIFA 23


EA has announced that there will be cross play in FIFA 23 when the game is released in September. The arrival of this game has caused the expected commotion for the fans, but the news about cross-play has caused some negative reactions. It didn’t take long for fans to realize that, for some strange reason, Pro Clubs are not included in cross-play support. Why is it not included? Well, according to EA, the process is too complicated.

EA said they wanted to ensure quality innovation in their products, and due to the technical complexities of implementing cross-play in FIFA 23, modes that match players, such as Pro Clubs, will not feature cross-play. right now. Furthermore, it was recently revealed the first FIFA 23 trailer and its release date.

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Fans are angry about cross-play in FIFA 23

Of course, Pro Clubs is not the main game mode in FIFA. EA does not reveal detailed data, but most understand that Ultimate Team is the most popular mode and also the one that generates the most money. After this is probably the Career Mode. That said, Pro Clubs do have their players, and they are not happy to be left out of what is the “big news” in this year’s game. In fact, several hashtags on Twitter related to the news They have been a trend in the last few hours.

FIFA 23 will be the greatest FIFA of all time for these reasons

EA has yet to respond to fan reaction. angry about the cross-pla in FIFA 23, some have even ruled that this decision has made FIFA 23 unworthy, and it seems that this disgruntled trend has been growing on Twitter and other parts of the internet as players they know the warning.

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