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Enrique Iglesias gets loose with a fan while he is in a relationship with Anna Kourinkova, Internet users outraged


Internet users were outraged this weekend by an Instagram video published by the famous singer Enrique Iglesias on which we see him sharing a languorous kiss with a fan. Problem: the interpreter of Bailando has been in a relationship for more than 20 years with former tennis player Anna Kournikova. They even have three children together: twins named Nicholas and Lucy born on December 16, 2017 and a daughter called Mary born on January 30, 2020.

“So Inappropriate!”, “How Does Anna Allow This”, “Won’t Your Wife Be Upset” could we read in the space reserved for comments. On the clip, we see a fan in the process of taking selfie with the international star before the latter, in a burst of passion, puts her hands on her buttocks and transforms her kiss on the cheek into a real fiery kiss. A surprising scene, which obviously did not shock the principal concerned, even afterwards. “Friday night at #LASVEGAS @resortworldlv see you tonight!!!!“, he commented in the caption of his publication, a few hours after his concert.

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