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Enjoy all Ubisoft games for free for a month on PC


Last Saturday Ubisoft held the Ubisoft Forward, where in addition to offering a glimpse of what we can expect from the company’s future, and more specifically from the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the French gave one more surprise. The company has decided to fully open the Ubisoft+ catalog, and as a celebration, now we can enjoy all Ubisoft games for free for a month.

Contrary to what happens with other promotions, where we can register the day we want and have the 30 days we want, this time a different way has been done. Specifically, we will be able to access all Ubisoft games for free until next October 10at which time it will be a month since the Ubisoft Forward celebration.

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Enjoy all Ubisoft games for free for a month on PC

To be able to enjoy this promotion, we will only have to access Ubisoft+ and decide which of the two existing plans is the one that interests us the most: the one that only includes the game on PC or the one that offers us PC + cloud. Once we register a payment method, we can access all Ubisoft games for free.

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In fact, if we do not want to be charged the first monthly payment Once the offer is over, we can access the “My subscription” -> “Cancel subscription” section before October 10 arrives, and thus avoid paying for this first month of Ubisoft +.

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In fact, if we also play on consoles, it may be the smartest option, since we would have to wait to see how Ubisoft fits the subscription with the arrival of the service on consoles. That is, if it will offer a tier designed solely and exclusively to play on console or will bet on unifying the Ubisoft + subscription on console and PC.

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