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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate takes bitter revenge by revealing a big secret about Graham Foster


Kim Tate (Claire King) isn’t one for playing by the book in Emmerdale, so its was safe to assume that she wasn’t going to allow Graham Foster’s (Andrew Scarborough) secret relationship with Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) to go unpunished. In the coming episodes, she sets about exacting revenge on Graham, and thus she reveals a pretty big secret.

With animosity aplenty between her and Graham, Kim sets about sabotaging her former lover’s relationship with Rhona — and she does so by implying to Marlon (Mark Charnock) that Graham shouldn’t be allowed around Leo. However, she hasn’t realised that Rhona has arrived and overheard everything.

Rhona’s less than pleased that Marlon was listening to Kim’s words and, as a result, he beings to ease up on Graham. Later, Rhona wastes little time in confronting Kim over her attempt to poison Marlon’s mind, but Kim shows little desire to back down, and suggests that Marlon will come to his senses soon enough.

Graham reassures Rhona that she has nothing to worry about, but the subtext in his expression speaks volumes, as he deliberates over the damage that Kim could cause.

The following day, Kim sends Graham a text asking for all of her employees to meet her at the Woolpack, as she’s planning on making an announcement. However, upon his arrival, Graham works out just what it is that Kim’s planning.

Without wasting a second, Kim makes a shocking revelation about Graham — and Rhona is left reeling as a result. Later, Graham heads over to speak to Rhona, but he’s not given much opportunity to do so, as Marlon punches him.

The question is: what exactly is this big secret that Kim’s revealed?

Could she perhaps have discovered the truth about Graham possibly being the father of Jamie’s (Alexander Lincoln) child, Millie?

It’s a possibility for sure, but — judging by Marlon’s reaction — it’s something much closer to home.

What’s more, has Kim’s plan to split Graham and Rhona worked?

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