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Eight Keyboard Functions You Need to Know to increase your productivity by 100%


Your computer keyboard can hide interesting functions that you may not know about. Although it was designed to help with typing, this peripheral can connect to the PC system and facilitate the user’s routine with tricks and shortcuts. Some functions, such as showing the desktop or even blocking it, can be done through the keys, without the aid of a mouse.

If you prefer, there are also functions related to your computer’s browser. For those who use Google Chrome, it is possible to close tabs with a single action, without the need to search for each one and do manually.

1. Switch between open windows

To switch windows on your computer just click Alt + Shift

It is common for people to use a computer with several windows open. The ease of navigating between them allows different activities to be done at the same time, which speeds up the user’s day in front of the screen. However, when there are many windows open, confusion may arise when it comes to finding the right one.

To facilitate this process, on the keyboard you can hold down the Alt and Shift keys and then click tab. This way you can see a visualization mode of all the windows that are open on the computer and more easily select which one you want to enter.

2. Show work area

Go to work area, click on Windows + D

If you have a lot of tabs open in Chrome or windows launched on your computer, you will certainly have some kind of difficulty to get back to the work area. To facilitate this process, you can hold down the key that indicates Windows windows and so on letter D. This way, everything that is open is minimized.

If you want to go back to where you were, hold down the same keys again, and the system will take you to the page or tab you opened previously. It is important to note that if you use a second keyboard as your main keyboard, this setting may not be available.

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3. Lock the Desktop, select the Windows + L keys

It is very common for users to step out of the way of the PC and for a person or pet to bump into the keyboard and unintentionally activate commands. Sometimes this situation can cause the user to get into a tight spot, especially when messages are sent thanks to this little carelessness. To avoid this problem, you can lock the system whenever you want.

To do this, simply hold down the keys that indicate Windows meeting at letter L. Thus, your computer is locked and no commands can be activated until the lock is released.

4. See the open and closed windows

To see all of them open and recently used windows, click on Windows + Tab

To make it easier to see the windows that are open on your computer, you need to click on the Windows key and tab. By holding it down, you will see all the windows that are currently open, as well as a detailed history of the last movements made on your PC.

If you want to recover a page that has been closed, simply activate this function. Basically, it serves both to facilitate the visualization of all the windows as well as to access the history of the computer on a given day and even the last few weeks.

5. Turning off the computer

To turn off the computer without the mouse, press Windows + X

To turn off the computer without the mouse, you need to type the Windows key and so on letter X. Then the system opens a small window on the left side of the page with the possibility not only to turn off the PC, but also to restart it, leave it in sleep mode, or enter other important areas such as settings, window manager, and others.

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If you just want to turn off your computer, just run the Windows command and so on letter X. Then press Enter to finish the action.

6. Enlarge the screen image

To enlarge or even reduce the screen of your Google Chrome, just press Ctrl and + or Ctrl and -.

To improve user accessibility, Google Chrome offers the function to magnify the image. This allows people who have difficulty seeing to read the screen more easily and the letters are not so small.

To activate the function, it is very simple, just open any tab in Google Chrome and press CTRL together with the + key. The more you press the +, the bigger the zoom in the open window. To return to normal, simply press the – symbol, which reduces the screen.

7. Switching to full-screen mode

Full-screen mode is activated by just one click on the F11 button
To increase the user’s immersion, it is possible to opt for full-screen mode. This allows Google Chrome tabs, which can hinder concentration during work or other times, to be invisible on the screen. For those who enjoy watching movies and series on the computer, this keyboard command is a great alternative.

To activate the function, you just need to type F11. Then the full screen mode will open and no other tabs will appear on the screen. To return to normal, just press F11 again, and the system will appear as it was before.

8. Close Chrome Tabs

To close Chrome tabs, just select Ctrl + F4

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