Early indicators of Covid 19: Lost sense of smell and taste

The threat of Covid 19 is persistent among the people worldwide and it starts affecting you and your body much before you actually could see any other prominent symptom. Well, a sudden sense of taste or smell can actually affect you badly, as declared by the American Academy of Otolaryngology. The Academy also revealed that these symptoms would be added to the list of screening tools that are possible to identify the Covid 19 infection, and the same was revealed by the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in a statement. The Academy further says that a person who seems to undergo such symptoms or any other respiratory complications such as allergies or cold must immediately visit the doctor. The only solution in this context is none other than testing and self-quarantine. 

Rachel Kaye, an assistant professor of otolaryngology,  in a statement added that since a lot of people are even unaware of all these symptoms and they don’t see any complications until it’s too late, which do not insist them to realise the need of self quantine and testing, and thus, it does adverse issues like that of spreading the virus even more. She is recently keeping a track of the occurrences in the United States. She further added that there is a close connection between the loss of these senses and that of Covid 19, and that’s even quite similar among other viruses including that of the upper respiratory infection. 

Kaye even said that a viral infection can lead to swelling of the nasal cavity lining as well as cause inflammation. It can even lead to nasal congestion and thus, a person tends to lose a track of olfactory nerves. A person, thus, tends to lose the sense of smell. Viral infection also affects the neurons of an individual which means that it leads to the neurological damage of the neurons and smell receptors of the affected person. A loss of smell could lead to Covid 19 but it could also be misinterpreted with that of any other sinus disease. It is important to be able to differentiate between the actual complication and that of the side effects of smoking, medication, trauma, neurological disorders and even aging. Kaye advised that the best way to deal with this issue is to meet a primary care doctor or an otorhinolaryngologist. You must always talk to the physician about these sorcific symptoms and assure your potential exposure of Covid 19. 

Kaye even said in her work that a person may require to self-isolate himself or herself once he/she is exposed to Covid 19 until a definitive diagnosis takes place. The anecdotal evidence is increasing each day but the worst part about this issue is that there is no scientific studies published regarding this yet. Another matter to worry about is that there is no strict protocols either for the people experiencing these symptoms and that is eventually spreading this vital infection even more. 

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