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E-bike boom with 130 million set to be sold in the next three years


Sales of e-bikes are expected to accelerate to 130 million over the next three years, far outstripping sales of electric cars.

E-bikes, push bikes with an electric motor and rechargable battery, are surging in popularity, with sales expected to top £16bn in revenue by 2023.

A report from Deloitte found that e-bike sales between 2020 and 2023 would be six times that of electric cars sold over the next decade.

In 2018, German e-bike sales have now hit one million, while in the Netherlands the majority of all adult bikes sold last year were electric.

The surge in consumer sales comes as technology companies invest in e-bikes and scooters as part of a push into so-called “micromobility”, with on-demand…


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