Dr. Andy Khawaja’s Multibillion-Dollar Company Allied Wallet is the Mecca for Entrepreneurs

allied wallet

CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online payment processing offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world, was featured on the cover of I-Invest Magazine for leading his company to global success.

Dr. Andy Khawaja founded Allied Wallet just over 10 years ago with the goal of creating a safe means for payments online. The multibillion-dollar company now transacts in 164 currencies and 196 countries worldwide.

I-Invest Magazine is a monthly publication with a subscriber-base of about 151,000, featuring the financial industry’s foremost and best respected leaders. They took interest in Dr. Khawaja and his rise to success.

I-Invest Magazine featured a cover story on Dr. Andy Khawaja’s “Mecca for Entrepreneurs” and how Allied Wallet has offered such saving grace for aspiring business owners.

The issue also offers an inside look at how Dr. Andy Khawaja overcame the struggles of early entrepreneurship and his inspiring message for entrepreneurs today.

“…keep on fighting,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja, “…In life you will never hit the top, unless you have hit the bottom multiple times. I have seen it myself where in the end you will succeed.”

Allied Wallet has been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the world and referred to as the “mecca for entrepreneurs” because their business is based around opening doors for other businesses.

Dr. Andy Khawaja repeatedly wins Entrepreneur and CEO of the year and this could be attributed to the mentality he leads his team with – a mentality that does what it takes, works from the heart, and doesn’t give up… a mentality that leads this ‘Mecca for Entrepreneurs’.

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