Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet was Awarded as CEO of the Year

CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online payment processing offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world, was previously awarded as Corporate America’s CEO of the Year.

Allied Wallet has been blazing a trail of innovation and leading the payment industry with their award-winning services. Dr. Andy Khawaja has been commended for his centerpiece role in the company and for his ability to lead his team to success.

The company’s success is widespread and well known with over 150 million users to its name. Allied Wallet continually wins awards for its growth in multiple regions.

Dr. Andy Khawaja has become a world-renowned tech billionaire for his ability to create a higher quality of service within his companies. He’s able to penetrate major markets with a service that is simply better; but people are not always receptive from the beginning.

“Just look at my history – when founding Allied Wallet, I was roundly dismissed… there’s no future in e-commerce, they would say; it’s not a profession that’s going to be conducive to an honest, worthwhile living. But looking at us now, we have a global presence, we are helping thousands upon thousands of clients make their digital payment solutions easier than ever before, and it all started from small origins,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja.

CEO Andy Khawaja became a tech billionaire by passionately believing in his work. He believes in his work and strives to create the best service possible. Some may say this is the key to success, and it’s certainly been a key element for this ‘CEO of the Year’.

“Don’t give up,” says Dr. Andy Khawaja, “…be yourself, work hard, be persistent, and above all have hope.”

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