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Divorced Letizia of Spain: this ex-husband whose queen, who is celebrating her 50th birthday, has remained very close


With King Felipe, Letizia forms an irreproachable couple. However, the queen who celebrates her 50th birthday today has not always been the wife of the monarch of Spain. Before becoming one of the most popular figures in the Spanish country, the journalist was married to another until 1999, Alonso Guerrero. A man with whom she remained close.

By marrying Letizia Ortiz in 2004, the then Prince Felipe set his sights on a woman who had had another sentimental life, far from the royal clichés of arranged marriages. Indeed, Letizia was in a relationship for fourteen years with literature professor Alonso Guerrero, whom she had known when he was a high school teacher, before getting married in 1998. A marriage that ended with their divorce a year later, but without enmity. According to the book Letizia, the impatient queen of Leonardo Faccio, their relations today are more than good. “He told me something that is not known. That he and the queen are still friends. Oh yes, he told me very naturally“, explained the author to the magazine Vanity Fair (Spanish edition).

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What arouse tensions with King Felipe and delight gossip? That nay, he is aware of this to the point that the royal couple has already organized a meeting with Alonso Guerrero: “He told me that sometimes they meet to chat, have coffee and even have dinner with her and the king. It was a relationship that lasted so many years that it culminated in a friendship.

It must be said that with his CV, Alonso Guerrero does not lack exciting topics for discussion. The one who received the prestigious “Felipe Trigo” Prize for his short story Tricotomy and in 1987, went on to win the Navarra Prize for Los años imaginarios. From the end of the 1990s, the professor devoted himself even more to the publication of works with in particular El amor by Penny Robinson in 2018.

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The mother of Leonor (16) and Sofia (15) and style expert has managed to maintain links with her life before while getting involved wonderfully in her existence as a princess who has become a queen consort. A title she obtained in 2014 after the abdication of Juan Carlos I.

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