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Dermot Kennedy still hasn’t come to terms with how famous he is as he sometimes gets ‘imposter syndrome’


Dermot Kennedy has been the fastest-rising star of Ireland this year after his single shot through to the top 10 of the UK charts.

The star rose to fame after his single Outnumbered reached top 10 around the world in 2019, and as it all happened so fast, he barely had time to process how big he’s becoming.

‘There still isn’t that feeling really,’ the singer told Metro.co.uk on realising his musical success.

‘We’re still on the move all the time, and I feel like I kind of miss those [moments] a little bit in terms of how things are changing and how the music is reaching people because we’re literally travelling all the time.

‘We sold out Malahide Castle the other day in like two minutes and it was 25,000 tickets. That to me is a venue where the Mumford and Sons have played, The Killers have played and all that. It feels like a massive thing that all big acts do and it gives me kind of, a little bit of imposter syndrome. It feels surreal.’

Dermot suddenly sold out the 5,000 people capacity Brixton O2 Academy at a ridiculous rate before his debut album Without Fear even came out, and has quickly become used to the crowded ocean of fans clinging on to every word he sings.

He once confessed his dream was to sing to an arena of people – just him and his guitar – as people quietly focused on him, but now that he’s done that, what is next for him?

‘I haven’t figured it out yet,’ the 27-year-old spilled: ‘I think there needs to be [ a new dream] and I think I need to figure out what that is.

‘But I definitely don’t know yet but I sort of have to find out what it is myself and what I want it to become. I can’t take too long because nothing waits for you.’

Thanks to his huge influence Glen Hansard, Dermot became a viral success on Spotify after being invited on stage to sing.

Now, he gets to watch his fans connect with his music in a way he never thought anyone would.

The Outnumber singer explained: ‘I looked [once] into the crowd and you can sometimes see people getting quite emotional or crying by themselves.

‘It hits me then. It’s mad how much my music can affect people and how it can reach so many people and mean a bit to them.’

Dermot knows that his fans may interpret his songs a lot differently than he intended, but isn’t willing to correct them.

‘In quite a selfish way, I do want to keep the meaning private in terms of what it means to me,’ he continued. ‘It’s a beautiful thing to share with the world but I’m not about to tell the world every little thing about me.’

Meanwhile, the singer is finally bringing it back to where it all started in Dublin, playing an intimate gig at the Aloft Hotel for his loyal fans.

‘I like playing smaller, intimate gigs too because it’s rare these days that I look into the crowd and see everybody’s faces, you know what I mean?’ he said.  ‘I’m looking forward to having that closeness amongst everybody.’

Dermot Kennedy will be playing Aloft Hotel on 20 November and all tickets are free on a first come first serve basis.



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