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Death of Olivia Newton-John: The trials of her only daughter Chloe Lattanzi


A post on which there is no caption, letting the photographs speak for themselves of the great complicity that united mother and daughter. If the two women are close, Chloe Lattanzi has however experienced painful moments, whether it was her mother’s illness which declared itself in 1992 and which she valiantly fought for three decades, but also her addictions and her anorexia. She also faced a lot of criticism over her physical appearance due to her cosmetic surgery operations.

It’s on the set of the movie Xanadu that Olivia Newton-John met Matt Lattanzi, an actor and dancer eleven years younger than her who will become a service provider for the construction of houses. Two years after their marriage – it will last until 1995 – the couple welcomes the birth of their child at the Cedars-Sinai clinic in Los Angeles, Chloe Rose. She will be the only child of the star of grease.

Since her youth, Chloe Lattanzi has been noted for her numerous aesthetic operations. The amount of his operations is estimated at 500,000 dollars and is the subject of many comments. At the same time, she was treated for her addictions to alcohol and cocaine in 2013. The one who tried to make her way in music finally chose to get into the marijuana business alongside her fiancé James Driskill with whom she bought a farm.

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Addicted to the scalpel and drugs? Chloe spoke…

In 2017, Chloe Lattanzi had spoken, reacting to the many criticisms of which she may have been the subject, in particular on social networks. Certain that the media and public attention she receives is the source of all her ills, she said on Instagram: “It’s been like that since I was born, and I think that’s what made me sick. Anorexia, depression. All my life, I have done everything to try to please strangers. I’m going to die if I keep doing this.” She had also reminded her loyal subscribers that her mother’s illness was already difficult enough to live with without being mean to her.

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The same year, Olivia Newton-John spoke about her daughter during the show Today : “[James] is still her fiancé, but I believe they will be getting married next year. I hope they will. If they don’t, that’s fine too. It depends on them. But I believe they will.She had also spoken of her eagerness to become a grandmother.

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