Coronavirus Tips to Boost Your Immunity

Coronavirus Tips to Boost Your Immunity

This outbreak of Coronavirus has created a fear all across the globe. Several deaths have already occurred and a lot of other people have also been affected of the same. While staying at home has been the only option left out with us, why not invest upon boosting our immunity with vitamin C and that of some easily available ayurvedic herbs that are sure to help you cope up with the panademic terror.

Coronavirus Tips To Boost Your Immunity In Lockdown Period

Coronavirus has spread across all countries around the world. The only country that is left out in this context is none other than Antarctica.  Of course, there have been several cases of recovery. However, the death toll is parallely going up as well. The entire world is busy in trying to find out remedies and discover some kind of solution from this pandemic. They are continuously working day and night to develop a vaccine. As we all know that Prevention is better than cure when it comes to any kind of disease, let’s take a note of all that we can do to boost up our immunity so that we can help ourselves in this time of crisis. India has always been known as the land of Yoga and Ayurveda harbours. Different vitamin C and low cost ingredients are thus, available herein to accelerate your immune power.

Here are a few tips through which you can boost your immunity:

Vitamin C: Taking food items that are rich in vitamin C will eventually boost your immune power as well as help you fetch a better defence mechanism. Therefore, intaking at least 1000 milligrams  of ascorbic acid or vitamin C since they serve to be the best nutritional supplements for enhancing one’s immune power. Also, you can find this element to be present in different other household ingredients such as lemon, coconut oil, been chutney and more.

Lemon zest: Eat this to Boost your Immunity system 

Every time you use the lemon, make sure that you aren’t throwing away the peel. Each 100 gm of lemon peel comprises of 129 gm of ascorbic acid or vitamin C. This helps in protecting the body from several kinds of complications including that of cancer. It ever comprises of Q40, salvestrol, and limonene that are helpful in combating the cancer cells. There are various ways through which you can use this lemon peel, that is, by consuming it either in the form of seasonal aamchoor or by mixing it in the lemon tea. You can even consider having pickles. Well, make sure that these pickles are spicy enough, so you aren’t consuming it in an excess amount.

Kadha: It is an ayurvedic drink that basically takes not more than 15 minutes to prepare. You can easily prepare it at your home by mixing various kinds of herbs and spices together. All you need is to boil them in the water for a span of 15-20 minutes at max. All the medicinal values get extracted in the water in this span, thus, serving as an effective immune booster. You can also add 1 inch of turmeric root, dash of black pepper (freshly ground), 3/4 inch of ginger root (make sure that you have peeled it prior to grinding), a bunch of tulsi leaves, cinnamon powder and a bunch of mint leaves. Also, add 3-4 pieces of cloves to the mixture. Once all the ingredients reach the boiling temperatire, uoi can easily sip the kadha multiple times all throughout the day. If you do not want to drink the whole of it at once, you may even choose to store and reheat it when you want to have it sometimes later on. You can even choose to add a bit of lemon juice and honey to the kadha to fetch a good taste. This kadha would help in detoxing your liver and stimulating your digestive system too.

Coconut oil: It is good if you can alternate your cooking oil with that of coconut oil. This oil along with its derivatives come with antiviral properties which is also helpful in strengthening the overall immune system. You can even make a concoction or kadha by adding coconut oil which is known for its composution of lauric acid. Add ginger, rosemary, sage and cinnamon along with that coconut oil and it’s ready!

Neem chutney: Although neem has a bitter taste, it is known for its medicinal benefits. Neem leaves reduce the inflammation of the body, as well as help in improving the cardiovascular health, liver health and the eyesight of any individual. It also strengthens the immune system as a whole. Not just this, researchers say that neem leaves are beneficial in treating several ailments such as dental issues, ulcers and even dermatological troubles. Preparing this recipe is just a couple of minutes’ task. All you need is to crush the neem leaves in the form of a paste and then add jaggery and a bit of honey to eliminate the bitter taste of the neem leaves. Jaggery is a rich source of zinc, iron and selenium. It will help in balancing the bitter taste of the neem leaves as well as assist in detoxifying the body by helping in the process of your digestion. Besides, the honey you are adding into the preparation is well known for its antibacterial properties and is a rich source of vitamin C, which again serves to be a healthy component.

Hot beverages: Beverages have always been a good source of stimulation. Consuming hot beverages will not only help you to remain hydrated, while at the same time, it will help in preventing constipation. Sipping hot beverages like tea, green tea, coffee, or tomato soup and pulses or even plain hoy water will improve your sinuses as well as boost the digestive and immune power of the body.

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Do Intermittent fasting to prevent your self from coronavirus : 

Intermittent fasting for a span of minimum 12-16 hours can be helpful at times. It assists in preventing the infections from multiplying. Fasting or not eating for quite a good span of time at a stretch is actually helpful in metabolizing the damaged proteins in our body, commonly known as autophagy. It improves the health of an individual as well as serves as an anti-aging technique. Of course, you shouldn’t be fasting on a regular basis but doing it occasionally gives some rest to the body’s organs, thereby enhancing its functional capacity.

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