Coronavirus Tips : How to handle groceries during the locked down

Coronavirus Tips : How to handle groceries during the locked down

Coronavirus tips : Coronavirus pandemic has posed a serious threat to the people across the world. Stocking huge amount of groceries and long queues at the grocery shops have become a common scenario all around. In such a time of crisis, here are a few tips to help you handle your groceries while ensuring the fact that you are safe at your homes! The Rutgers University professor has got his views to share upon this!

Coronavirus tips by Donald W.Schaffner Professor of Biological Science :

Donald W. Schaffner, a distinguished professor in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences’ Department of Food Science had said that the outside food packages often come with the fear of contamination and thus, it is essential to ensure that you are washing and sanitizing your hands at frequent intervals. He also added that this is something that you should be doing as a habit too, not just should you follow it during the pandemic but you should do it on a regular basis.(Read also : Coronavirus Tips to Boost Your Immunity )

However, Schaffner said that one shouldn’t be using soap to wash the food items. This is because soap can lead to vomiting and nausea. It may also cause diarrhoea if ingested by any chance. As per the experts from the USDA and FDA, they say that it would be best to wash the food itineraries simply under the flowing cold water.

Schaffner said that in this time of crisis, it’s not at all safe to keep moving around outside. Therefore, you ought to understand when should you actually be visiting the grocery store. According to the CDC, people of any age with some serious underlying medical conditions as the older adults are more susceptible to covid 19. He says that it wkuld be best if you can use a shopping service or anyone who can do away with the shopping would be the ideal possible options available. However, make sure that appropriate social distancing at the time of receiving the groceries is absolutely significant to escape this pandemic.

What you should do when you are visiting a grocery store Best coronavirus tips to remember :

1st TIP Use sanitizers On Hands:

On the other hand, people visiting the grocery stores should use the hand sanitizers that are offered at the entrance of the store. They should apply it to sanitize the grocery carts. You should not be ignorant in this context by any chance.

2nd TIP prepare a list of all those items that you would need to bring from the store

Also, make sure that you have prepared a list of all those items that you would need to bring from the store prior to leaving the home so that you do not have to go out again and again. Keep moving as you walk around the store and practice maintaining an appropriate social distancing while you are picking the items from the racks. Try to maintain at least a distance of 6 feet from the other shoppers around you.

Last TIP Try to Sanitize your Hand When Exiting from the store :

You should also use the hand sanitizer offered while exiting from the store and then use it again after returning to the home and keeping aside the grocery items together at their places, as well as after keeping the recusable carry bags to the car for the next time usage. In this context, he also mentioned that any of these reusable bags may probably pick up Covid 19 right at the store and that’s theoretically possible. However, we should always follow our set of precautions, and try saving ourselves at our best!

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