Common Engagement Ring Cuts

Engagement Ring Cuts

Finally, you have decided to say “I DO”. No more spending cold nights alone. You want a companion you will be spending time with. You want to make your engagement experience a memorable one. Well, the engagement process is exciting. However, it can be agonizing at the same time—especially when it comes to choosing the best engagement ring cut. You want something that will create a perfect impact. Luckily, you can count on diamonds. They don’t disappoint. Plus, they are always fashionable. So, if it’s your first time and you are already feeling overwhelming, take a glass of coffee and sit back. This guide is going to explosively sample the best diamond engagement ring cuts for a memorable engagement experience.

Round Cut

If you’re fond of class, the round cut will definitely amaze you. This timeless style is perfect for those who want a traditional look that’s both elegant and long-lasting. The brilliant faceting is also an incredible addition for women searching for maximum sparkle.


Princess cuts are often square o the top. They’re outfitted with four beveled edges and look like an upside-down pyramid. If you want to look modern and stylish, this is the perfect ring for you. Their sleek designs and the clean lines make keep these rings looking contemporary.


These cuts exude elegance as well as refinement. Their elongated shape makes them ideal for those on the more understandable side. They’re well-suited to those who’ve discerning taste. So, if you’re that kind of a person who skews classic with an edge, emerald cuts could be an excellent choice for you.


Over the past few years, oval cuts have become more and more popular. These diamond-shaped cuts are great for those who love fashion and love staying ahead of trends. They’re classic and elegant.


If elegance is what you’re looking for, then go for the marquise cut. Its oval shape usually meets in pointed ends, forming the look of a ship’s hull. Also referred to as the Navette cut, the marquise cut is unique and stylish. It’s also great for those who’re looking to create the perception of elongated hands.

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is also shaped like an octagon. It comes with 70 light-reflecting facets, which make it quite the dazzler. If you’re bubbly and outgoing, you’ll definitely fall in love with these cuts. The brilliant faceting plus the rectangular shape make them a perfect accessory for those who’re fond of too much sparkle and flash.

Asscher Cuts

If you like antiques, then give the Asscher cuts a try. They feature unique designs and have an old world of sophistication. Women who want a retro look usually tend to gravitate toward these cuts. They’ve step-cutting faceting, which makes them stylish and understated.

Heart Ring Cute

These are perhaps the sweetest ring cuts. Wearing a heart-shaped engagement ring will give you that bold and gorgeous look you’re dying to have. They aren’t engagement ring cuts that you’ll come across every day, so when you wear them, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

The Bottom-Line

Diamonds are personal and stylish in nature. Also, they are extremely pricey. They exude class. They are elegant. However, you need to choose a diamond that fits your style and personality. The above guide contains the best diamond cuts you can find on the market.

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