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Chocolate Berlin Wall smashed to pieces in celebration of sweet taste of freedom


Today marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, heralding the end of communism in eastern Europe and a reunified Germany.

As people paid tribute to the pivotal moment in history, a French chocolate sculptor took a hammer to a replica he made of the infamous barrier.

Describing the moment he handed out sweet chunks to applauding bystanders, Patrick Roger said it felt ‘amazing to share the taste, the values and a certain wind of liberty’.

The chocolatier and an assistant smashed a hole with their hammers and grasped the outstretched hand of someone on the other side.

The wall made with 200 kilos of chocolate was scrawled with the words ‘freedom’ and in German, ‘I am a Berliner!’.

It was brought crashing down onto the pavement in front of Roger’s chocolate store in Paris and shattered into hundreds of pieces which were quickly gobbled up by spectators.

Among the crowd was Cecile Reveret, who lived for a few years in East Germany before the wall’s collapse.

She said: ‘It is a magnificent idea. That’s why I came. I have pieces of the wall now.

‘I wasn’t there for the fall in 1989. But I was with all my heard supporting the reunification and these Eastern Germans that I had the chance to mix with, and who had tears in their eyes sometimes when they mentioned the wall.’


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