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Celine Dion pregnant with triplets: this “so hoped-for” little girl who did not survive


It’s a story that she had even hidden from her biggest fans… While she gave birth in October 2010 to her twins, Eddy and Nelson, born of her union with her late husband René Angelil, Céline Dion , who will be the subject of a report on W9 this Wednesday, should actually have been a mother… of triplets! In effect, the queen of Quebec song was pregnant with three babies during this pregnancy but one of them had not survived.

A very difficult time in his life, on which she had confided just before giving birth, in a program presented by her friend, the Canadian presenter Julie Snyder. “During a first ultrasound, we were told that I had twins. Then on the next ultrasound, the doctors seemed concerned. We thought maybe there is only one, after all. In fact, there was a third one”she said, before quickly concluding that the little girl had not survived.

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This heartbreaking loss, Celine Dion experienced it rather badly because her biggest wish was to have a little girlshe who is now the mother of three boys (her twins have a big brother, René-Charles, 21 years old).

Especially since the news came suddenly: “His heart stopped beating five days latershe reported on the same show, with tears in her eyes. This little baby has decided to make way for the other two. And it comes as a shock. At first, I just wanted to be pregnant, but now I would always be left with this question. I who wanted to have a girl… I kept the placenta and I still have three little babies.

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A solution could then have imposed itself on Celine Dion and her husband to have the girl they dreamed of so much: adopt a child and complete their already large family. But the star never took the plunge, despite her desire, first for lack of time … then for lack of her husband: who died in 2016, René Angelil left the singer with their three children and he is surely impossible for her to have another child after this difficult death. Her official biographer, Elisabeth Reynaud, had also felt that she had also “passed the age“.

In recent months, his health has also been a subject of concern: hampered by “painful spasms“, the fifties had to cancel all her concerts planned for more than a year.

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