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Celine Dion: Long blond hair, glasses… the star reappears in unpublished photos


While the Las Vegas Strip is buzzing with rumors of Celine Dion’s return to the stage by the end of the year after months of waiting due to her severe muscle spasms having forced her into forced rest, the Quebec diva does not remain inert during her convalescence. The singer took part in an artistic project for the Resorts World. New, unpublished photos have appeared on social networks.

Last June, Celine Dion took the floor to reveal that she participated in the creation of a baby elephant named Namaste as part of the art installation Elephant Parade Fanat the hotel-casino Resorts World. A hobby that had allowed her to relax temporarily and for which she had enlisted her three children, Nelson and Eddy (11 years old) and the eldest René-Charles (21 years old). Photos, so far unpublished and signed Dee Amore Marti, have been unveiled on social networks. We see a Celine Dion with glasses on her nose, concentrating to decorate the elephant with application. We also note that the interpreter of my heart Will Go On then had long blonde hair, unlike his whitening mane seen in stolen photos of Paris Match last January, leaving his home in Las Vegas. The singer thus appears in better shape.

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