Home Entertainment Celine Dion forced to isolate herself because of her notoriety, revelations

Celine Dion forced to isolate herself because of her notoriety, revelations


I think that’she dreamed of this life but at the same time, it was a necessity for her. She was also very happy with this life, with René (her husband, father of her children René-Charles, Nelson and Eddy who died in 2016, editor’s note), with the people around her“. She also hadit’s hard to have real friends” she continued. “She had her family circle, in whom she could believe and who had sincerity towards her, but the rest was still not obvious”.

“A barrier of love and security”

Candice Mahout, cultural journalist for BFM TV – who has already had the opportunity to interview in the past the mother of René-Charles, Nelson and Eddy – has made the same observation. She had René, she had the children, she had a wonderful house. She wasn’t going to look for much else.

Staying with the family was therefore her way of protecting herself from the misdeeds of fame. “She really kept the family close to her. It was probably also a way of not exploding in flight, of not going completely crazy, because a planetary success like that which falls on you, little by little of course, there is enough to go crazy and therefore not to last as long as it does”, continued the journalist, before the star in question concludes:For me, it’s a barrier of love and safety which means that if one day I fall ill or lose my mind (…) I rely on them to come and pat me on the shoulder and say ‘Céline, we’re here’.

Note that she has “never participated in star events, such as social events”, we also learn in this documentary.

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