Celebrity Shaman says he predicted ‘global blackout’ ahead of coronavirus pandemic


Celebrity Shaman Durek Verrett has claimed he predicted ‘global blackout’ ahead of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Durek, 45, from California, who counts Gwyneth Paltrow as a client and is the boyfriend of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, says he knew about the worsening health crisis, which he thinks is a ‘point in evolution, where we all have to come together’. 

The ‘spiritual guide’ appeared on This Morning today, where he offered his tips on remaining mindful throughout the crisis, and claimed the pandemic will teach world to ‘come out of narcissism and realise what is important’. 

‘In Shamanism, we have these things called the “blackout”. We all know about it, it’s a point in evolution, where we all have to come together and start dropping a lot of the superficial things we put our energy into. 

‘We need to start caring for the earth, caring for ourselves, caring for the animals. This is the first stage, known as the “plague” – when we come out of narcissism and realise what is important.’ 

He claims to have outlined the ‘blackout’ in his latest book Spirit Hacking, and says that while these incidents have occurred in history before, the reason this pandemic is so devastating is because it’s ‘global’. 

‘When I wrote the book, I was talking to all these different publishers and I said it has to be before 2020. It has to be before the blackout, it has to be ready. ‘

He added: ‘We have been doing this throughout history at different times. The difference is, this is happening globally.

‘This one is an all global blackout, which is really getting everyone to really see it’s time to pause, reset and regenerate and look at what is important. Which is life and which is love.’ 

When quizzed by host Holly Willoughby on what the next phase of the ‘blackout’ is, he told: ‘The next phase, if we don’t make the right choices, are all the things that happen to the earth. How it will affect our lives, there will be all these different things that are happening.’ 

The Shaman went on to offer his tips on remaining mindful in these stressful times, and said that especially in the UK, where people are taught to have a ‘stiff upper lip’, it’s important for people to ’emotionally connect’ with those around us. 

He said: ‘What I’ve noticed a lot in British culture, you were taught to have a stiff upper lip – but this is a time to feel those emotional connections with your family and everyone around you, and make connections to really see what is important.’ 

As for whether Durek – who also counts the likes of Nina Dobrev and Selma Blair as clients – is busier as the world reacts to the crisis, he told that ‘every slot’ he has is being taken. 

He said: ‘I am talking to people all day long, doing healings from all over the world. 

‘People are asking how to be in their homes with their husbands, how do they become school teachers with their kids. 

‘There are a lot of things coming up for people, when they were doing things and being distracted.’ 

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