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Caterina Murano: Who is Edouard Rigaud, her attractive and important companion?


Heroine of the miniseries The house opposite, Caterina Murano appears on screen with Thierry Neuvic on M6. In real life, on the other hand, the Italian actress is not at all in a relationship with a colleague from the media sphere. The man who shares his life leads a daily life far from glamor and glitter since he is a lawyer, specialist in commercial law and real estate litigation, criminal law – he has been working at IndépendantER Avocat for more than 3 years. The name of the lucky winner? Edward Rigaud.

They are relatively discreet about their sentimental relationship and yet. On a few occasions, Caterina Murano displayed herself, with joy, on the arm of her companion. We have already seen Edouard Rigaud during an evening organized for the seventh anniversary of the Bus Palladium, in Paris, or at a gala dinner of the association AEM – A Future for the Children of the World – for the benefit of the children of Rwanda. , recently at the 50th anniversary of the Claude Pompidou Foundation at the Hôtel Marcel Dassault. When he leaves these few social events, Edouard Rigaud returns to more down-to-earth issues. A graduate of the University of Limoges and the Birmingham University School of Law, he worked for Cabinet PHL, for Me Carlo Alberto Brusa and SCP Urbino.

Do what you can, but above all make a baby!

We know very little, finally, about the private life of Caterina Murano. In a relationship, previously, with the rugby player Pierre Rabadan, she would live today with her new lover in the Montmartre district, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Have they organized, for all these months of secrecy, a discreet wedding? Have they welcomed a child? In 2016, the 45-year-old actress spoke without taboo of her desire to start a family. “Even my mother said to me lately: ‘Okay, do what you can, but above all make a baby!’, she told in the columns of the magazine Paris Match. JI want him to have a father. It doesn’t matter whether we stay together or not afterwards, but that at least my child can grow up with a presence, a fatherly image…

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